4. Protect the environment

4. Protect the environment

Clean water
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Affordable and
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We have enormous respect for the environment. We do our best to limit the impact of our operations and urge our partners to do the same.

Our approach

Constant monitoring of consumptions and emissions
We keep an eye on consumptions and emissions by means of indicators and constant measurements.

Strict limits
Even if our classification as a chemical industry imposes very strict monitoring and very low legal limits, we try to self-impose even stricter limits.

Collaboration with public bodies
We collaborate with a network of bodies and institutions to find shared measures aimed at reducing our impacts.

Modern and avant-garde technologies
We always try to employ production technologies that meet the latest energy criteria and allow highly sophisticated monitoring.

Explicit commitments
We collaborate actively with institutions and assume explicit commitments to reduce our impacts.

External audits and certifications
These help assess our impacts and management approaches.

Increase the sensitivity of our business partners
We work to increase the sensitivity of our business partners by means of collaborations that stimulate all parties to adopt responsible environmental behaviour.


Toward decarbonisation for a more sustainable future
In 2020, we launched a serious project to gradually decarbonise our operations. Now, after more than 20 years of commitment to reducing our CO2 emissions, and in collaboration with bodies such as Svizzera Energia and AEnEc, we are about to make a qualitative leap and expand our efforts to the entire production, use, and waste disposal chain. The first step will be a detailed analysis of CO2 emissions along the entire chain.

From waste to reusable material
We have set up an ambitious project that will let us produce solid sodium nitrate from waste waters containing nitrates, and now have real prospects of selling this product on the market. We are very proud of this project, which will let us transform waste into a product that will have value and be useful for the market.

Collaboration with authorities to reduce nitric oxide emissions
The evolution of production demands in 2019 led to an above-average rise in nitric oxide emissions. We are working to fight this trend: an initial series of technical and organisational measures should bring a return to 2019 levels in 2021. Additional measures are being discussed with cantonal authorities, with which we collaborate closely.

Good neighbourly relations: less noise
We have always tried to maintain positive relations with our neighbours, and have been working for years to reduce the noise generated by our production facilities. We are now in the final phase (2020 to 2022) of our project to reduce noise and comply with all emission limits. We have already significantly reduced these emissions by installing a sound-absorbing panel. Subsequently, with a project funded by Pro-Kilowatt, we will make further adjustments to reduce noise and electricity consumption.