4. Protect the environment

4. Protect the environment

Clean water
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Affordable and
clean energy
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Constant attention, strict limits, and collaboration are the North Star of our commitment. Every year, we work to minimise our environmental footprint and urge our partners to do the same.

Our approach

Constant monitoring of consumptions and emissions
we keep our consumptions and emissions under control by means of continuous measurement and key indicators.

Strict limits
our classification as a chemical industry imposes very strict monitoring and very low legal limits. Despite this, we try to self-impose even stricter limits.

Collaboration with public bodies
we have always collaborated closely with a network of bodies and institutions (fire brigade, ambulance service, police, Canton, Confederation, etc.) to find shared measures aimed at reducing our environmental footprint.

Modern and avant-garde technologies
we always try to employ the most advanced production technologies in order to monitor our impacts and meet the most recent energy criteria.

Explicit commitments
we collaborate actively with institutions and assume explicit commitments to reduce our impacts.

External audits and certifications
standards and certifications help assess and verify our impacts and management approaches.

Increase the sensitivity of our business partners
just as for matters related to management of the value chain, we work to increase the sensitivity of our business partners by means of collaborations that stimulate all parties to adopt responsible environmental behaviour.

Key activities and projects

Optimisation of waste materials: a new chapter, concrete results
Last year we launched a project that makes us very proud: the production of solid sodium nitrate from waste waters containing nitrates. The result is a product that we can sell on the market and that is useful for the cement and glass industries, among others.
This project has achieved a 34% reduction in sodium nitrate flowing to the Mendrisio purification plant (without any additional CO2 emission), and in 2021 it began to turn a profit. We believe that projects like this are the future, with sustainability and economic results go hand in hand, in line with the principles of the circular economy.

Reduction of CO2 emissions: concrete goals and projects
In cooperation with Heraeus, we are working on a project to further reduce CO2 emissions (direct, indirect, and linked to product life cycle). We have set some performance targets to guide our operations in the next few years: this involves numerous projects and specific activities to reduce emissions both locally and along the chain. For example, since 2021 we have purchased electricity generated only by 100% renewable sources, as well as sealed and automated furnaces that produce silver ingots with lower emissions. And much more.

Reduction of nitric oxide emissions: -42%
In 2020, due to changing production demands, we recorded an above-average rise in nitric oxide emissions (while still remaining within set limits). Therefore, we took steps, in collaboration with the authorities, to define a series of technical and organisational measures to reduce emissions. We are pleased with the results achieved, which quickly returned these emissions to 2019 levels.