5. Grow with our employees

5. Grow with our employees

Good health
and well-being
Decent work and
economic growth
We believe in our values and apply them to our daily decisions. We want everyone to feel part of a team that supports initiative and personal growth, respecting the diversity and cultural richness that everyone brings to the company.

Our approach

Values, principles and clear rules
We ensure an environment where rights and responsibilities are shared with full transparency and respect.

Clear and understandable communication
Our values are founded on direct, clear and precise communication that promotes the sharing of knowledge and limits ambiguity and misunderstanding.

Constant monitoring of indicators
We constantly monitor key indicators regarding our employees.

Training and collaboration
We work with outside organisations and institutions (for example, fire brigade, ambulance service, and police) to guarantee constant updating on important issues.

Audits and certifications
We have ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications for the management of safety, health, environmental, and workplace quality.

Safety manager and dedicated work groups
We have more than just a full-time safety manager: our safety task force, a work group that includes experts and employees from companies of the Heraeus Group, focuses on making everyone more aware of safety issues by means of training activities, targeted communication campaigns, and special safety days.


Projects, collaborations and other important activities.

Pandemic: priority to health and safety
2020 demanded an extraordinary commitment to ensure all of our employees a safe workplace. A new organization of spaces and shifts, remote work, revised procedures for use of spaces, new methods for welcoming guests, and much more. A major effort, for which the cooperation of all employees was essential.

In-house monitors: a new tool for better communication
Results achieved, good safety practices, values and information about the company, as well as anecdotes and topics of conversation. During the year, we installed some monitors at the company so that we could communicate more easily with all of our employees. An excellent way to strike up conversations during a coffee break, and much more!

Ergonomics, safety and comfort at work
For some of our employees, managing heavy weights is an important topic because it is a large part of their work. After identifying various areas of improvement, we began implementing some infrastructural and organizational measures to increase safety and ergonomics. For example? We’re working on a project to semi-automate an entire department. We also installed new air conditioning systems in our production departments for greater comfort and improved working conditions.

Training for the future
As always, we work closely with the fire brigade, ambulance service, and police to improve our collaboration and strengthen our ability to intervene if necessary. In this regard, we conducted various training sessions on the use of protective breathing devices, as well as emergency management exercises with the Mendrisio fire brigade: an additional 20% of our employees are now trained in this area.