5. Grow with our employees

5. Grow with our employees

Good health
and well-being
Decent work and
economic growth
We want our employees to be proud of working for Argor-Heraeus, and we achieve this by offering top working conditions, emphasising the contribution of each employee, and supporting personal growth in the company. We are convinced that the diversity of our employees generated added value, and therefore seek and promote diversity with the motto "Learn from diversity."

Our commitment in real terms

The safety of our employees at the workplace derives from many factors: training, clear rules and processes, certifications, company culture and individual awareness.

But a company can never consider itself permanently safe. Safety management is a continuously evolving process that is constantly updated based on changes in circumstances and technology.

For example, during the year, we implemented a plan to completely revise our processes for management of safety at the workplace.

We analysed every process involved based on the knowledge accumulated over the years and the data we collected, and launched a revision plan that identified potential risks or margins for improvement.

A complex procedure that will demand constant attention. As always, our objective is to reduce the number of accidents on the job to 0, because safety at the workplace is an absolute priority.

Our approach

Values, principles and clear rules: by means of our principles, personnel rules and code of conduct, we ensure an environment where duties and rights are shared in a context of complete transparency and respect.

Clear and understandable communication: we emphasise direct, clear and precise communication that guarantees free and honest dialogue among all of us in order to promote the sharing of knowledge and limit ambiguity and misunderstanding.

Taking responsibility: we want all employees, at the personal and group level, to be aware that taking responsibility (for both successes and failures) is the basis of how we work.

Constant monitoring of indicators: we constantly monitor key indicators regarding our employees.

Training and collaboration: we work in close contact with external bodies and institutions to guarantee constant updating on important issues.

Audits and certifications: we have OHSAS18001, ISO14001 and ISO 9001 certifications for the management of safety, health, environment and workplace quality.

Dedicated work groups: the safety task force is a work group composed of experts and employees from companies of the Heraeus Group. It focuses on increasing awareness of safety by means of training activities, targeted communication campaigns, and special safety days