5. Grow with our employees

5. Grow with our employees

Good health
and well-being
Decent work and
economic growth
The workplace plays a crucial role in our daily lives. It is therefore essential that everyone feels supported in their personal growth so that they may in turn contribute to the company’s growth. We promote individual initiative and diversity, convinced that they are the key to success.

Our approach

values, principles and clear rules:
we are convinced of the importance of clarity and transparency. We ensure an environment where rights and responsibilities are shared with full transparency and respect.

clear and understandable communication:
clear and precise communication promotes sharing and limits ambiguity and misunderstanding.

constant monitoring of indicators:
We constantly monitor key indicators regarding our employees.

training and collaboration:
we have always worked in close contact with outside organisations and institutions (for example, fire brigade, ambulance service, and police) to guarantee constant updating on important issues.

audits and certifications:
we have ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications for the management of safety, health, environmental, and workplace quality.

safety manager and dedicated work groups:
in addition to a full-time safety manager, we have a dedicated task force with experts from various Heraeus Group companies. The task force focuses on making everyone more aware of safety issues by means of training activities, targeted communication campaigns, and special safety days.

Key activities and projects

SUVA and Argor-Heraeus: work ergonomics, safety charter, and much more
We have been working with SUVA (Swiss National Accident Insurance Institution) in several fields for many years. For example, we successfully collaborated in the field of work ergonomics to analyse and optimise movements, procedures, posture, etc. Another collaboration regarded the Safety Charter,” a framework document aimed at increasing employee awareness of risks associated with production activities and of good safety practices. In 2021, we and SUVA launched a project focussing on monitoring and improving the air quality in our analysis laboratories.

Innovation: a process that involves all of our employees
Innovation, whether of product or process, is a key subject for any industry. It is essential to find ways to produce more efficiently, avoiding waste or making processes more sustainable. An important aspect of innovation regards a company’s ability to produce more sustainably, for example, by applying the principles of the circular economy. Therefore, we are launching an internal project to facilitate our employees’ contribution to innovation. Details will be disclosed when possible.

Automating processes to promote work safety and quality
For many reasons, the automation of certain processes is essential in our industry. First of all, when employees have to handle heavy loads there is a greater risk of injury. Second, for repetitive production activities, employees may be assigned tasks with greater added value. Therefore, we have completed a semi-automation project in an entire production department so that our employees can focus their efforts on other activities.