About Argor-Heraeus

About Argor-Heraeus

Our operations at a glance

For almost 70 years, our mission has been to be the reference point for our partners on the precious metals chain.

We are present internationally, working directly with our customers to find common solutions.

Products and services
Refining of gold, silver, platinum and palladium
Bars and coins
Products for the electronics and chemical industries
Semi-finished products and solutions for the high-end watchmaking and jewellery industry
Services for the physical trading of precious metals
Metals processed
Gold, silver, platinum and palladium
These metals usually arrive as:
- Raw material from large and small mines
- Scrap
- Good Delivery material, already high-quality
We work with customers in over 50 countries:
- Banks
- Mines
- Companies in the high-end watchmaking and jewellery industry
Annual production capacity
Gold refining: 1,400 tonnes
Silver refining: 1,300 tonnes
Smelted bars: up to 6 million pieces
Minted bars: up to 3 million pieces
Semi-finished products: 120 tonnes of alloys


Solid roots and a look toward the future for long-term, sustainable growth.

Argor SA is founded
in Chiasso, Switzerland.
Argor-Heraeus, Switzerland
Refining and assaying of precious metals
Production of cast and minted bars
Products for watchmaking and jewellery, electronics and chemical industries
Services to support physical trading of precious metals
UBS acquires
100% of the company.
UBS and Heraeus form a joint venture
and create Argor-Heraeus SA.
Argor-Heraeus moves
to Mendrisio, Switzerland.
Heraeus and Management acquire 100%
entrance of Commerzbank International.
The Austrian Mint enters
the shareholder structure.
An office is opened in Chile;
Argor-Heraeus Deutschland and Argor-Aljba are formed.
Argor-Heraeus, Deutschland
Collection and assaying of industrial scrap
Marketing of precious metals
Production of tool coatings
Production of coatings for mechanical components
Production of decorative coatings for the watchmaking industry
Research and development of hi-tech coating solutions
Argor-Heraeus Italia is formed.
Argor-Heraeus, Italia
Collection and assaying of industrial scrap
Marketing of precious metals
Sale of products to the jewellery and watchmaking industry
Marketing of gold for investment
Mendrisio headquarters
is expanded.
Argor-Heraeus America Latina
is officially opened.
Argor-Heraeus, America Latina
Processing of metals from mines (collection, homogenisation and assaying of material)
Provision of logistics services as logistical hub for Latin-American customers
Marketing of precious metals
Sale of cast and minted bars
Argor-Heraeus becomes 100% owned
by Heraeus Group and is integrated
in the Heraeus Precious Metals Global Business Unit.
Strengthened presence in Asia
with addition of the Hong Kong facility.
Heraeus Precious Metals, Hong Kong
Refining and assaying of precious metals
Production of cast and minted bars
Services to support physical trading of precious metals

Heraeus Precious Metals

Argor-Heraeus is part of Heraeus Precious Metals, the world’s leading provider in the precious metals industry.

Founded in 1851, Heraeus is a family-owned multinational portfolio company whose origins date back to a pharmacy that the family opened in 1660. Heraeus now operates in many sectors, including environment, energy, electronics, health, mobility, and industrial applications. In 2019, Heraeus generated revenues of 22.4 billion euros, with about 15,000 employees (including temporary workers) in 40 countries.

Argor-Heraeus is part of the Heraeus Precious Metals (HPM) Global Business Unit of the Heraeus Group. HPM is the world’s leading provider of precious metals products and services.

HPM products are used in various industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and automotive: high-quality solutions and products based on many years of experience and technical expertise.

With eleven production sites and four business offices covering all of the time zones, HPM provides a global logistics and production network. Trust and reliability, absolute respect of standards, transparency, and financial stability have been the foundation of our business for over 160 years.

About this Report

Reporting perimeter: The information contained in the sections “About Argor-Heraeus,” “Involve our stakeholders,” and “Work for a transparent and responsible chain” refer to the entire Company. The information contained in the sections “Contribute to local development,” “Protect the environment,” and “Grow with our employees” refers mainly to our Mendrisio headquarters, where almost all the production takes place and most of the company’s employees work. Only significant indicators are reported for other locations, based on currently available data.

Reference period: The data reported on this site cover the period from 1 January to 31 December 2019. Data updated to the latest quarter of this year are available for selected key indicators. The previous sustainability report refers to 2018.

Reference to GRI Guidelines: This report was prepared in conformity to the latest Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines, “Core” option (version adopted: GRI Standards).

External audit: Most of the information contained herein was checked during the internal and external audits required for Argor-Heraeus certifications. Likewise, the measurement standards adopted for the reporting of data are the strictest and most widely adopted. Therefore, we have decided not to subject this Sustainability Report to additional external certification audits.

For more information: Argor-Heraeus SA, Via Moree 14, CH-6850 Mendrisio, Canton Ticino, Switzerland.
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